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Dangerous Decks: A Tale of Resilience and Innovation

The Origins
It all began in 2009 in a small London workshop known for making kitchens. A passionate group of riders envisioned creating skateboards using pressing and shaping techniques from the kitchen business. Demand for their unique boards grew, forcing them to move production to an abandoned unit. Unexpectedly, the council changed the locks, leading to a chaotic scramble to retrieve their equipment. With their web manager missing in action, they even had to erase all Dangerous Decks-related online content temporarily. But this was just the beginning of their wild ride.

A New Beginning
In 2012, team racer Will Stephenson took over Dangerous Decks, joining forces with fellow rider Jamie Tharp. They set up shop in a literal barn, with a unique deal: free use in exchange for rat control and fueling their generator. With makeshift equipment and a loyal labrador as the chief rat catcher, they developed a new range of boards, testing them across the UK. Their adventurous spirit was undeterred.

New Landlords and the Third Move
By 2013, the barn was sold, and Dangerous Decks had to relocate again, this time to Will Stephenson's garage in Clifton-on-Teme. Although they downsized, their ambition didn't wane. With the help of UK racing legend Tom Worsley, they upgraded their production process, including the transition from vinyl stickers to screen-printed graphics. Progress was in the air.

Hiatus and Revival
All good things face challenges. Will Stephenson moved to Manchester in 2016 for a career in the Fire and Rescue Service, leading to a temporary production halt. But his passion for street luge racing rekindled his love for design and production. He secured 3rd and 2nd places in the world in 2017 and 2018, respectively, and worked on a new production run of street luges. By 2020, the first run was completed, with a second batch, now featuring carbon fiber parts, set to launch in 2021.

The journey of Dangerous Decks is a tribute to the resilience, passion, and innovation of its creators. From humble beginnings in kitchen workshops to garages and barns, from vinyl stickers to carbon fiber, from traditional skateboards to street luges, this brand has faced it all and emerged stronger. Dangerous Decks continues to thrive and innovate, with the promise of an exciting future filled with more wild rides.

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