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Aluminium Street Luge - Experience Speed Like Never Before!


The Aluminium Dangerous Deccks Street Luge is a tough, race proven and easily customized luge. Designed around Will Stephenson's 20 years of raccing and putting of that knowledge into a robust system. This is aimed at newccomers and hardern racers alike and the parts are interc changable with the lightweight carbon fibre meaning that you can cchange and swap out parts for each unique track. 



  • Overall Length: 131cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Weight: 7.8kg 
  • Pan: 90cm;  in 5mm 5083 Aluminium anodised in black
  • Droppers: 60mm drop and a width of 75mm; made of 4mm 5083 Aluminium anodised in blue. The front can accommodate up to 2 trucks, and the rear takes a single truck.
  • Handles: 15mm steel tube available in black.
  • Wheel Cover: 4mm 5083 aluminium anodised in black
  • Bumpers: Included



Aluminum Street Luge

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