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Carbon Fibre Street Luge - Experience Speed Like Never Before!


Introducing the pinnacle of street luge engineering: Our Carbon Fibre Street Luge. Designed with performance, aesthetics, and innovation at its core, this luge is built for thrill-seekers and professionals alike.



  • Overall Length: 131cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Weight: 5kg for the carbon version (layup dependent)
  • Pan: 90cm; using Carbon Fibre utilising layers of both twill and biaxial around a 10mm core.
  • Droppers: 60mm drop and a width of 75mm; made of 4mm 5083 Aluminium anodised in blue. The front can accommodate up to 2 trucks, and the rear takes a single truck.
  • Handles: 15mm steel tube available in black.
  • Wheel Cover: Carbon fibre version uses twill and unidirectional carbon.
  • Bumpers: Included



  • Diverse Material Options: Choose between robust aluminium or lightweight carbon fibre, each with unique aesthetics and performance attributes.
  • Customisable Appearance: With an array of colours and finishes, you can tailor the luge to your personal style.
  • Race-Proven Design: Several podium finishes this year testify to the performance and dependability of this luge.


Invest in the Carbon Fibre Street Luge Today:

Whether you're a novice looking for an aluminium model or a seasoned racer desiring the advanced carbon fibre version, we'll guide you to the build that suits you best.

Experience the thrill of the open road, the rush of the wind, and the sensation of speed like never before. Order yours now, and let's get you rolling!

For any inquiries or custom requirements, feel free to reach out to us.

Carbon Fibre Street Luge

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